How do I create an account ? What is needed to create an account ?

  • you can create an account for free by clicking on the « sign up » button in the menu bar.
  • you need a username without spaces and special characters
  • you need a valid email
  • you need a password (you create it)

How to add a new item on the map ?

  • you need an account : create one by clicking on « sign up » (more about accounts above) or login to your existing account.
  • go to the global map and click on the « + » button on the upper right of the map.
  • choose what kind of data you want to add (building, worksite, stakeholders or events)
  • enter the informations about your data : only a name and a location are required to create an entry (how do I find/enter the geolocation of the data I want to add ?)
  • click on the submit button at the end of the form.

how do I enter the geolocation of the item I want to add ?

You’ll find 4 different ways to give geolocation on every form to create a new entry :

  • Latitude and Longitude fields where you can give decimal coordinates (e.g. 45.431 and 4.567)
  • a button to search for a file : this is to choose a picture with embedded GPS coordinates. It can be useful if you have a camera with GPS for example.
  • Address field : enter the address of the place and press the « geolocate this address » button. If you don’t get any choice proposed under the field you filled in with the address, it means the address you entered is not recognized : try without post code / ZIP code and remove details from the address until you get choice.
  • you can locate directly on the map : find the place you want to locate your entry by navigating the map, when you found the place click on the icon on the middle (in the set of icons left part of the map) and click again on the place to locate. You’re done !

When I try to add a new item, I get an error : "413 Request Entity Too Large"

The size of the image(s) you wish to upload is too big : try again with only one image less than 1Mo then add more images by modifying your newly created item.

How do I modify an item ?

If you're not the creator of the item, you can't modify it. If you want something changed on an item you didn't created, ask cartoterra team (gregoire.paccoud@grenoble.archi.fr) If you're the creator of the item, open it's details by clicking on it on the map, you'll see an "edit" button under the name of the item : click on it and modify !

What is cartoterra.net ?

cartoterra.net is an online atlas of earthen architectures, worksites, events, people and organizations. It is designed to be usable by anyone in a wide variety of situations, therefore specialized fields (e.g. condition assessment for heritage) are not available to the public now. We chose to design with a limited fields so as to provide basic information, visuals (pictures, drawings, etc.), some keys to ease research and data analysis (techniques, dates) and the most important : links to get more information including contact information of the people who made it happen (builders, architects, organizers, trainers, etc.). cartoterra.net is a collaborative tool, therefore it will evolve according to your feedback and demands, and with your support (see below how to contribute to cartoterra.net).

I want to add my project, what shall I do ?

It is not possible to add building projects that are not built or under construction. If it is built, create a new building item. If it is under construction (either participative or normal) you can create a worksite item. If your project is not built nor under construction but was developed during an event with people outside your organization, you can create a workshop (event) and show the project as its result.

How can I help cartoterra.net to spread and expand ?

  • First of all, by using it and adding items !
  • If you’re willing to go further than adding items, you can provide feedback on its use and graphic design (bugs, new feature requests, proposal for visuals improvement) either by email to cartoterra team, preferably using the online bug tracking at github (https://github.com/linventifatelier/cartoterra). You’ll need to create an account to use github.
  • if you want to contribute to the development of cartoterra.net, it happens on cartoterra github as well : https://github.com/linventifatelier/cartoterra To contribute there you’ll need to know about git, html, css (bootstrap). You can do a little more if you know also about django, much more if you also know about python and/or javascript. If you’re developing cartoterra for another purpose, please tell us you’re doing so (we don’t need to know what you’re doing as cartoterra is under open license ; it’s just to know people are using it).
  • you can also contribute by donating (we need some money to keep the server up and application running) or requesting a group for your organization (more about groups below)

What is the « recommendation » ? How can I recommend an item ?

recommendation is a way to identify what cartoterra users find more interesting. As cartoterra is open to anyone to add new items, recommendation provides a way to sort out what you think is worth giving a look on cartoterra. To recommend an item, you can click on it on the map and open its « details » window. You’ll see under the title a button with a star saying « recommend ». click on it, and it’s recommended ! If you don’t want to recommend an item anymore, go back to the « details » window and click on the same location : the button you click on should say « I don’t want to recommend this anymore ».

I have many items I’d like to add (e.g. inventory, members list)

It is possible to import multiple items if you have a group (more about groups hereunder). You’ll have to provide this data as a table (.xls or .csv). Please note that images can’t be imported automatically at the moment. But we’re working on it. If you want to import multiple items, you’ll have to contact cartoterra team (gregoire.paccoud@grenoble.archi.fr)

What is a group ?

A group is a feature that allows you to gather under the same banner items and users. It is a perfect way for organizations to show what they are doing as each group gets its homepage with a description, pictures and a map showing only its items. This page has a clean url so it is easy to recognize and remember.

Why a group

First of all, groups will get an assistance from cartoterra team for setup and use. However, someone on your side will have to be involved in this as you won’t get much benefits from it if the group is not kept up to date. Groups offer several advantages depending on the aim of the group.

  • Group for an association : an earth builders association can gather in one group all their members (creating stakeholders items for all + adding buildings to show what the members build), to announce events to the members and to the world, and to recommend in the name of the association to show partnerships and contributed projects.

  • Group for a project : a funded project need a web page, at least to present the partners and announce the meetings, workshops, trainings and other events. A cartoterra group will allow to link to the partners « stakeholder » item and create the events related to the project. If the project requires any kind of inventory, buildings and worksite entries can be used for it.

  • Group for an inventory : inventories generally propose geospatial data of the buildings, and can count numerous items. It is possible to import tabular data in cartoterra, and as it still requires some work from us to make sure everything is fine, we will give priority to imports requested by groups. Having a dedicated homepage in cartoterra for inventories allows to see the data of the inventory alone and give a better idea of its extent. The dedicated homepage also allows to describe the inventory, its scope and methods.

How to create a group ?

You’ll have to request the creation of a new group to cartoterra.net team (gregoire.paccoud@grenoble.archi.fr). Having a group is charged 200€/year unless a partnership for contribution is made.

Why paying for a group ?

Creating a group means you intend to use cartoterra more than a « normal » user, and that you support the idea of gathering data about earth architectures and make it widely available. Therefore we see groups as a way to provide us the means to keep up the whole cartoterra.net system. If you contribute to the development of cartoterra.net, you will get a group for free (conditions are to be discussed with cartoterra.net team).